Crossfire MN 14-1

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Opponent: Northern Impact 14-1 Court 5 2:30pm, Sat Apr 14th (CDT) (MVW) G14UR1D1P2M1
Officiates Court 5 3:30pm, Sat Apr 14th (CDT) (MVW) G14UR1D1P2M2
Opponent: Prior Lake Extreme 14-1 Court 5 4:30pm, Sat Apr 14th (CDT) (MVW) G14UR1D1P2M3
Officiates Court 5 5:30pm, Sat Apr 14th (CDT) (MVW) G14UR1D1P2M4
Opponent: Atomic Force 14-1 Court 5 7:30pm, Sat Apr 14th (CDT) (MVW) G14UR1D1P2M6
Result Opponent Scores Match