ClubOne Volleyball 18 Gold

Final Finishes

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No more matches are scheduled for this team
Result Opponent Scores Match
W AIGA Volleyball Club AIGA VBC 18s NATIONAL 25‑10, 25‑14 18AR1D1P21M1
L Volleyball in the Q 17/18 National Imperium 19‑25, 18‑25 18AR1D1P21M3
W LVVC LV 18 Team Rox 25‑15, 25‑20 18AR1D1P21M6
L Rocky Select 18 National 21‑25, 10‑25 18AR2D1P3M1
L Iowa Rockets 18R 8‑25, 12‑25 18AR2D1P3M4
W Webfoot Juniors 18 Silver 25‑20, 25‑23 18AR2D1P3M5
W Rocket City Volleyball Club RCVC 18 25‑23, 19‑25, 15‑11 18AR3D1BRAM4
L Rise 18s 26‑28, 20‑25 18AR3D1BRAM5
# First Last Pos. Ht. Grad Year
1 Kenzie Ray 2019
2 Madison Agripino 2019
3 Ryan Bainter 2018
4 Halie Diederich 2018
5 Gwendolyn Sheldon
6 Logan Derock
7 Kendra Sotelo 2018
8 Alexandra Ramirez
9 Abigayl Lutz
The above roster information is what was provided to the event by the person who registered the team. The accuracy of this information is the responsibility of that person.
First Last Position
Savannah Garcia Asst Coach
Stacie Bandy Head Coach
Leanne Kelly Manager
Laverne Huston Team Rep