Core 18 Black

Final Finishes

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No more matches are scheduled for this team
# First Last Pos. Ht. Grad Year
1 Amanda Wirsching 2018
2 Karrington Hendrix 2019
3 Isabelle Catalla 2020
4 Aastha Ahuja 2019
6 Calista Scott 2019
7 Lindsey Warren 2019
8 Sara Irvin 2019
11 Zovinah Azam 2020
14 Madison Tiongco 2018
15 Maria Gonzalez 2019
17 Samantha McCutcheon 2019
The above roster information is what was provided to the event by the person who registered the team. The accuracy of this information is the responsibility of that person.
First Last Position
Ruth De Haro Asst Coach
Roger Hauk Head Coach