BC VBC Bear Creek VBC 15

Final Finishes

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No more matches are scheduled for this team
Result Opponent Scores Match
W Nevada Jrs 15s 25‑18, 14‑25, 18‑16 15AR1D1P15M2
L Mile High Surge 15 Shockwave 21‑25, 25‑22, 15‑17 15AR1D1P15M4
L Club One AZ 15Gold 13‑25, 7‑25 15AR1D1P15M6
W Mile High Surge 15 Shockwave 15AR1D1P15TB1
W Nevada Jrs 15s 25‑22 15AR1D1P15TB2
L MPV 15's Gold Team 11‑25, 15‑25 15AR2D1P16M2
L FC United 15U LB 10‑25, 13‑25 15AR2D1P16M3
L ASA Club Max 15 National COJO 5‑25, 8‑25 15AR2D1P16M5
L ARVC 15U Velocity 18‑25, 11‑25 15AR4D1B13M2