WK Elite 14

Final Finishes

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No more matches are scheduled for this team
Result Opponent Scores Match
L 303 Volleyball Academy 14 Alpha 13‑25, 24‑26 14OR1D1P3M2
L Attack 14 Black 13‑25, 8‑25 14OR1D1P3M4
L Premier Nebraska 14 Gold 10‑25, 13‑25 14OR1D1P3M6
L CoJrs 14Matt 14‑25, 21‑25 14OR2D2P1M2
L ARVC 14N1 Adidas 8‑25, 14‑25 14OR2D2P1M3
L Miami Elite 14 Mo 25‑21, 18‑25, 16‑18 14OR2D2P1M5
L Florida Gulfside Vol Gulfside 14U Navy 20‑25, 14‑25 14OR4D1F4M2
# First Last Pos. Ht. Grad Year
1 Alexandra Aldrich 2021
3 Brooklyn Schaffer
7 Jadyn Gottschalk 2021
18 Alexa Moeckel
22 Emilee Augustine
23 Sophia Mickelson-Coulter
24 Tillie Malinowsky
25 Maia Lummus
The above roster information is what was provided to the event by the person who registered the team. The accuracy of this information is the responsibility of that person.
First Last Position
Natausha Dreher Asst Coach
Alissa Disney Head Coach
Shannon Funk Team Rep